How I Plan To Sell Unwanted Items

It’s the end of the year and I just got a few things from Secret Santa with my friends. So now is the perfect time to start trying to sell unwanted goods at home.

So here’s how I’m going to do it.

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    Start with broad categories to find items

    It would be hard to specifically remember that you want to sell that random pair of shoes you haven’t seen since the beginning of the year.

    But it’s easier to say “Let’s go through my shoes and see what can go”.

    Some categories include:

    • Clothing
    • Books
    • Craft Supplies
    • Computer Games
    • Video Games
    • Kitchen Appliances
    • Living Room Furniture
    • Bedroom Decor
    • Etc.

    Another great tip that you may have picked on already is to find items by the room they reside in.

    You can focus room by room to simplify the process.

    The fun part! Take pictures!

    Take a picture of all of the things you can still keep at home but also want to sell.

    When taking pictures, make sure to:

    • Take the photo in natural light to help buyers see the color and imperfections on the item
    • Make sure to take a picture of an blemishes and marks. This helps prevent people from being misled when buying an item since they know what they are getting.
    • If you can, describe any specific features like measurements, color (in case you already know the exact name), how it works/how much it’s been used, etc.
    • If it’s clothing, take a picture of it on your body so people know what it looks like when worn.

    List your items online

    Various apps and websites make it super easy to list your items for sale.

    You can choose between sites geared towards specific items like clothing and shoes on Poshmark or general marketplaces like FB marketplace or Craigslist.

    It helps to list in various places you will check often to add exposure and also reduce the time you have the items since they have more exposure.

    Just make sure to remove the item from other places when it sells asap!

    Some apps to look at to sell unwanted items are:

    The longest part of the process…waiting for the sales

    This really depends on the item type and the general popularity.

    iPads will pretty much have consistent viewers since it’s not only an electronic device but also a popular brand.

    The hair masque I’m selling? Hair products are great for the many people looking to try a new or like new product for a more affordable price. But it’s not the first thing online shoppers aim for.

    I had like 8 bots in the span of the first 2 hours.

    Big red flag was they asked for my number/gave their number/wanted to do transaction of the app.

    No way. OfferUp (the app I’m using currently) allows you to chat, look at the reviews for the buyers and sellers, and even locate a local safe spot if you are doing in person pickup.

    No way am I giving up that safety because it’s easier which it’s not.

    My Fitbit Blaze actually sold the next day with two potential buyers. It’s an old model plus it was coming with a charger cable, so $25 would have it out and about.

    After it’s sent and reviewed by the buyer, I’ll get paid through the app and move onto the next item.

    Rinse and repeat

    That’s it for the whole process!

    The harder parts involved finding items (since I think I need everything and waiting for buyers (real people not bots).

    That’s it! Comment below if you sell unwanted items and what you are thinking about selling.

    By Bell

    Probably forgetting something but it's on a list somewhere on my phone.

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